Regular partnership meeting is moving from conference room to online platform

Due to Corona-19 outbreak and limited opportunities for travel, regular BalticLSC partnership meeting will be held online instead of a planned face-to-face interaction.

Every semester BalticLSC consortium members meet in one of the partnership countries for a face-to-face interaction regarding the implementation of the project. During those meetings partners discuss the status of the main project outputs, management and financial issues and the future of the joint endeavour everyone has married into.

However, due to the Corona-19 outbreak and cancelled or limited travel possibilities the meeting for the third semester will be held online. This decision has been unanimously agreed upon by the consortium during the last conference call in the beginning of June.

The forthcoming partners meeting will be dedicated mostly to BalticLSC official demo and Development Road Map as well as development of BalticLSC business model. During the meeting two parallel workshops will be held: one for the business side of the project, whereas the other one will deal with the technicalities of the BalticLSC system. Partners will convene two days in row to finalise the first half of the project before summer holidays.

If your company has a vast amount of raw, yet labelled, data that needs to be processed fast and efficient but you lack supercomputing power and even human resources to run major computations, BalticsLSC is under development to help you. Contact any of the consortium partners or fill in the survey to rest your case so that we could build our system (starting with a prototype) based on your needs and provide you with the services tailored to your particular situation. All computation services including consultations during the piloting phases of the system will be free of charge.

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