Technology partners

1. Warsaw University of Technology (Poland, coordinator) – is the largest technical university in Poland. It provides high expertise in designing LSC systems and in creating software tools and software languages.

2. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB (Sweden) – is a Swedish research institute focusing on datacenter research, and cooperating with SMEs using a large datacenter of their own. Development of the hardware and operating software platform is led by it.

3. IMCS University of Latvia (Latvia) – has significant experience and expertise in research associated with software modelling and development of domain-specific software languages and tools. It is responsible for the development of the computation software.

Business development partners

4. EurA AG (Germany) – is well experienced in managing technology driven innovations, developing sustainable business models for its customers and in providing cross-sectoral technology transfer to SMEs and research institutions. It deals with the development of business models for the BalticLSC system.

5. Municipality of Vejle (Denmark) – CBD is a unit within the Municipality of Vejle that works with numerous innovative SMEs in developing their business models and supporting them in activities that involve Big Data and LSC. It works with exploitation and various other business development activities planned in the project.

6. Lithuanian Innovation Centre (Lithuania) – is a public consultancy organization with a mission of advising establishments interested in innovation-related issues. Annually, it has over 1300 clients, mostly SMEs, R&D labs and clusters. It is responsible for communication activities.

Science parks

7. Machine Technology Center Turku (Finland) – is a non-profit company whose goal is to support local companies in accessing labour and technology development. It coordinates the relationship with SMEs.

8. Tartu Science Park Foundation (Estonia) – is also a non-profit, non-commercial technology development and business support centre. It hosts and cooperates with many innovative SMEs (start-ups) which assures high relevance and impact. The park is responsible for gathering of requirements and reaching out to innovative SMEs within the project.