Get the first peek at the BalticLSC system

The video for the demo version of the BalticLSC system is out.

Are you interested in complex data processing and would like to use it for your daily activities, yet you lack knowledge, competences and/or resources to fully embrace it? No worries. BalticLSC system is coming out and you can finally witness how it is going to benefit you. Get a glimpse at the demo version of the system by checking this video out.  

Though the system is in a demo version only with further developments being planned throughout the summer, it already shows a lot of promise for young researchers, inventors, start-ups and SMEs to get their data computations done in a fast, cheap and independent manner. It also opens a floor to programmers, app developers and supercomputing power suppliers to contribute to the system creating a BalticLSC network and get some sort of revenue afterwards.

If your company has a vast amount of raw, yet labelled, data that needs to be processed fast and efficient but you lack supercomputing power and even human resources to run major computations, BalticsLSC is under development to help you. Contact any of the consortium partners to rest your case so that we could build our system based on your needs and provide you with the services tailored to your particular situation. All computation services including consultations during the piloting phases of the system will be free of charge.

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