BalticLSC system is on a verge of being ready for pilot cases

It is not yet ready to be used to its full potential, but the demo version of the BalticLSC system shows a lot of promise.

After months of collaboration, technical partners have finally shown the end result of the BalticLSC system and it does look very solid.

The system has an understandable front-end for users with little technical knowledge and well-sophisticated back-end for those with more technical skill. It can perform various computations in almost no time at all by using any of the application or part of the application already created for the system. It also provides a tool for app developers to produce their own decisions for computations. Furthermore, the system allows for computation power providers to join it and swap their power while not use by themselves.

At the moment, the system is in a demo version only with further developments being planned throughout the summer, however, even in its demo version the system shows a lot of promise for young researchers, inventors, start-ups and SMEs to get their data computations done in a fast, cheap and independent manner. It also opens a floor to programmers, app developers and supercomputing power suppliers to contribute to the system creating a BalticLSC network and get some sort of revenue afterwards.

The testing of the system with the real case studies is planned for September or October this year, where companies can get computation applications tailored to their specific needs and computations themselves done for three with all the step-by-step consultancy provided by the partners. If your company has a vast amount of raw, yet labelled, data that needs to be processed fast and efficient but you lack supercomputing power and even human resources to run major computations, BalticsLSC is under development to help you. Contact any of the consortium partners or fill in the survey to rest your case so that we could build our system (starting with a prototype) based on your needs and provide you with the services tailored to your particular situation. All computation services including consultations during the piloting phases of the system will be free of charge.

In the meantime, a video with the demo version of the system will be produced and disseminated during summer for potential end-users to get a first glimpse at what they would be getting themselves into.

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