BalticLSC is on its way

Despite a worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, the development of BalticLSC system continues with the first prototype expected to be ready by June 2020.

With the newly discovered coronavirus spreading all over the world BalticLSC team continues to strive towards finalising the first prototype of the system to be ready to test in the beginning of summer. Members of the technology side of the consortium are working on the project remotely cooperating with each other on a regular basis by using conference calls. The same could be said about the business side of the project with the business plan being drafted and discussed among the partnership.  

In terms of the software development, the coronavirus crisis had very little, if any, effect on the processes. Programmers are working on the best possible solution in accordance with the case scenarios that are available to the project at this time. The first results are expected to be rather rough, but, hopefully, with more businesses coming forward with their computing needs, the system will be gradually improved.

As for the hardware installation, the majority of it has been done prior to the pandemic hitting the continent, while the remaining pieces will be installed as soon as the most rigid restrictions, imposed by the governments to stop the spread of the virus, will be lifted up. In any case, there is no need for a fully developed super computation network during the first trials of the system. This part could be finalised during the forthcoming months.

The biggest issue the coronavirus situation has brought upon the project is the availability of the companies to provide their pilot cases for the system. With some of the companies being on lockdown and others struggling for their survival, the topic of data computation services on a network of supercomputers has been removed from or suspended in their agendas. However, despite this difficult situation, business partners of the consortium continue to work with the companies in developing as many pilot cases as possible while also introducing future BalticLSC services to the potential target audiences.

As the future with the spread of pandemic is still being uncertain, the project continues to work on its outcomes without particular hesitations, waiting for the whole situation to unfold into a world where large scale computing system will be in higher demand than it was prior to the crisis.

If your company has a vast amount of raw, yet labelled, data that needs to be processed fast and efficient but you lack supercomputing power and even human resources to run major computations, BalticsLSC is under development to help you.
Contact any of the consortium partners or fill in the survey to rest your case so that we could build our system (starting with a prototype) based on your needs and provide you with the services tailored to your particular situation. All computation services including consultations during the piloting phases of the system will be free of charge.