BalticLSC has been selected as an example of beneficial cooperation by Polish authorities

The BalticLSC project was presented during the meeting of the Consultation Committee for Transnational and Interregional Projects in Warsaw. The meeting was organized by the Polish Ministry of Funds and Regional Policies. BalticLSC was selected as one of only 4 projects presented during the meeting showcasing the benefits of transnational cooperation under the Interreg BSR programme.

The presentation resulted in several questions and discussions with representatives of Polish regional authorities and selected companies. Some of these contacts proposed very concrete possibilities for cooperation as case studies for the BalticLSC Network.

Danish Green Tech Positive in Piloting the BalticLSC

Twenty Danish Green Tech companies were introduced to the BalticLSC and the progress of the project in the local event in Denmark in December. Maj Held Sallingboe-West from Vejle Municipality presented the benefits of joining the BalticLSC as a pilot company and getting the free training and usage of the system before the market introduction in July 2021.

The participants at the meeting were interested in the offerings: a shorter time to market, to strengthen their innovation power, and doing this in a set-up with assistance of the competent partners of the BalticLSC project.

After the meeting, three companies have expressed their interest in becoming the first pilots and will now be more acquainted with the project with the help of the Danish team.