Large-scale computing environment for smaller and independent businesses is on its way

Businesses based on complex data processing are the future of economy. However, small companies, independent research centers, startups and innovators often lack knowledge, competence and resources to fully embrace it. At the same time, larger companies, research centers and science parks have enough means on a daily basis to process extremely big amounts of raw data by performing sophisticated computations that can result in relevant information for new business strategies.

In order to bring the two categories of business together, technology creators, business development organizations and science parks from 8 countries have met in Warsaw to proceed with an idea for BalticLSC – a large-scale computing (LSC) environment for non-IT users and IT developers to cooperate. The idea is going to be backed-up by a substantial and unified computing platform and computing software developed specifically for this purpose. It will constitute a cross-national network, where partners will join LSC resources into a coherent system providing an easy access to disadvantaged users to enjoy these resources.

BalticLSC is intended for the Baltic Sea Region but could be applicable beyond it. It will be supplied with a business model to develop into convenient and recognizable platform and validated by possible service providers and end-users.

If your company is interested in getting relevant information out of huge amounts of data in a timely manner for free, use our contact section for further information.

BalticLSC is part of Interreg BSR programme and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.