Baltic Large Scale Computing: how does it work?

BalticLSC provides a *low-code* platform that facilitates development of computation "bricks", creation of applications from ready "bricks", and application execution in a secure large-scale computations environment. It also provides a platform for computation power providers of various size, to market their computation resources. Check out our videos that explain important features of BalticLSC.

Who is it for?

BalticLSC accommodates 3 different types of users. It offers a consistent platform for these three groups to effectively cooperate on providing computation solutions to innovators.


To execute personalised computation applications in an efficient manner


To develop computation applications and offer them on a common market

Computing Resource Owners

To fully utilise computing resources and offer them on a common market

Affordable and easy to use computing solution

Our platform gives you the opportunity to select ready-to-use or easily develop your own data processing modules and applications. You can then run them within a distributed network of large scale computing clusters provided by reliable computing centres across Europe. Our system provides competitive market for computing power thus making the whole data processing experience much more affordable. Currently we run a FREE case study program.

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