Big computing for smaller entities!

Are you a small company, independent research center, startup or innovator?

Would you like to use complex data processing for your daily activities, but you lack knowledge, competences and/or resources to fully embrace it?

We are here to help you!

Technology creators, business development organizations and science parks from 8 European countries are working on developing a large-scale computing (LSC) environment where non-IT users and IT developers can cooperate for free on mutual data challenges.

It will consist of computing platform and computing software for professionals and amateurs to create and use complex data processing templates for the benefit of smaller companies and institutions.

LSC environment is intended for the Baltic Sea Region but could be applicable beyond it as well.

To make it user-friendly and widely applicable to many entities we would appreciate your input regarding the computations that might be of interest to you. Please provide us with your insights by contacting any of the people listed in our contact section.